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New players only. Min deposit $20. Bonuses up to a max of $300 + 200 bonus spins. Wagering bonus 35x. Wagering bonus spins 35x. The winnings must be wagered within 21 days. Bonus T&C apply.

Play Pontoon at PlayFrank Casino

Let us introduce you to the Pontoon, a card game that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The goal of this casino game is simple; get as close to twenty-one as possible, without ever going over it. Sounds familiar? Yes, it has a lot in common with the classic card game Blackjack, but with some key differences. Want to learn what makes this game special? What to know what vingt-et-un means, and how you can optimize your chances of winning at Pontoon? Continue reading and all will become clear!

Pontoon Card Game

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Pontoon Glossary Index

What is Pontoon?

  • Pontoon is a casino table game involving cards.
  • Though the card game is very similar to Blackjack, Pontoon is not entirely the same.
  • The goal of Pontoon card game is to get a hand with a value as close to 21 as possible - just like in Blackjack. Sometimes you’ll hear Pontoon referred to as ‘Pontoon 21’.
  • Players can Twist, Stick, Split or Buy in Pontoon. These are all terms for playing actions that can determine the outcome of your game.
  • Pontoon is played with a single deck, so 52 cards.
  • Pontoon is commonly played at both land-based casinos and in online casino format, such as through NetEnt Live games.

Why play Pontoon?

Playing online Pontoon card game is fun and can be incredibly rewarding if done right. It has a set of rules which differ quite a lot from those of Blackjack, although the goals of the games are basically the same.

If you’re a Blackjack-fanatic, trying Pontoon can be a great way to switch things up while still staying in your comfort zone. If you’ve never played a card game, this is one you can start with and expect to not feel too overwhelmed.

What are the rules for Pontoon card game (UK)?

Rules for Pontoon card games

Here’s the part where we’ll explain how to play the Pontoon card game according to the official rules at UK casinos. The following is a straightforward guide to the basics you’ll need to know before playing. In the Pontoon card game are you have four different actions to choose between. You can either Twist, Buy, Stick or Split:

  • Twisting is the act of asking for another card which is dealt face-up.
  • Sticking means that you’re happy with your hand’s value and do not wish to get another card.
  • Buying means that you ask for a card face-down and pay more for this than for Twisting.
  • Splitting is when you have two identical card on your hand and wish to play them separately, putting in another bet and gaining one face-down card each for your hands.

The objective of the Pontoon card game is to get a value of as close to 21 as possible without surpassing that number. All of the numbered cards have face-value, while the dressed cards are each worth 10. The action you choose to take after receiving your original two cards should be based on what your first cards together give in total value. If you have a value of less than 15 on your hand, you can’t choose to stick.

At most, you can twist or buy three times in the same round, or until you surpass the goal value of 21. In total, you can never have more than five cards on hand.

The rules for the Banker (which you become if you get the first jack of the game) differ slightly from the rules all other players must follow. There are also some slight variations to the rulebook depending on which version of the game you’re playing. However, the Pontoon rules that we’ve presented here are the most basic ones.

Pontoon low limit

Different versions of Pontoon have different betting limits. In a Low Limit game you can bet between $0.1 and $5 per round.

Pontoon high limit

Pontoon High Limit is mostly for people who have played the game for a while and who want to spice it up a little. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting either with free-play or a Low Limit game. High Limit bets can range between $25 and $500.

Pontoon high limit version

How to win at Pontoon?

Winning in Pontoon means getting a value on hand which is closer to 21 than the banker. Should you both have Pontoon (an ace and a ten), the banker will always win. Some versions of the game allow a Royal Pontoon – made up of three sevens – to beat the banker’s, while other versions don’t.

Should you choose to keep twisting or buying when you already have a relatively high total value on hand, you risk busting. Busting is when you go over 21. This will result in an automatic loss, no matter if the closest anyone else gets to the value of 21 is three.

Play the Pontoon card game on mobile

Whether or not you can play Pontoon on your mobile depends on the game in question, as well as the device you are using. At PlayFrank Casino, the online Pontoon titles we offer are flash games, so not suitable for mobile. You can, however, play Pontoon on desktop from your PlayFrank Casino account whenever you like!

Can you play Pontoon for free?

If you want to try free Pontoon card games before betting real money on it, then look no further! You can do precisely that here at PlayFrank Casino. Click on the Pontoon game you are interested in, and choose Demo Mode. If free play is not available, try a different online Pontoon game. When playing live Pontoon games, however, free play mode is not available. To play at the PlayFrank Live Casino, you’ll need to be logged in and bet real money.

Please note: British players are no longer able to play the free demo mode unless they register. Signing up at PlayFrank Casino does not take more than a few minutes. Once you are a member you can enjoy all our games in their demo free-play mode.

Play Pontoon for real money

When you’re comfortable with the game, start playing for the chance to win real money online. Pontoon is a game of strategy with decent odds for the player; so give the card game and play Pontoon right here at PlayFrank PlayFrank. Not a member yet? Don’t worry - joining PlayFrank Casino only takes a moment, and there’ll be a juice bonus waiting for all new registrants.

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