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Daily Challenges

Life in the 21st century is often a full one, yet in order for us to keep going we need to take a break from time to time, to relax and recharge. Wouldn't you like something you can achieve while on your 10 minute break eating a fast lunch, waiting for your next meeting, something to lower the stress during your 30 minute commute home after a long day? PlayFrank Daily Challenges are our answer to that!

PlayFrank's Daily Challenges

What you can expect from them are a quick way to take part in the Playfrank experience, achieve a quick objective and, as it is customary when achieving something, get rewarded for it. Each challenge will appear on top of your dashboard, will feature a game, an objective to be attained in that game: wagering a certain amount, triggering a certain number of bonus rounds, get a certain numbers of big wins etc. and a reward that you will receive once that target is hit, customary in the form of a set of free spins.

Extend your Playtime

However that’s not all, since your progress in the Playfrank experience will also affect your daily challenge experience. The further you advance along our experience tracks you will get access to more daily challenges for both variety and an extension in playtime as well as some more surprises when you finish a challenge.

We like to hear from you

We hope you’ll enjoy this little feature and, as always, feel free to write us your feedback at, we’re looking forward to reading about what you think.



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