Grab a Cracker Packed with Festive Prizes. We’re Celebrating Our Players!

Grab a Cracker Packed with Festive Prizes. We’re Celebrating Our Players!

Are you feeling jolly? We do hope so, because when it’s this dark and nippy outside, one needs a little holiday cheer. That’s why we’ve got something special to share with you. Yes, you.

This year, we’re handing out an array of bonuses and the chance to win something truly wonderful. And why wouldn’t we?

This is the season for giving – so we’re treating you to a stocking full of festive prizes.

From today until the 6th January, we’re celebrating our fun-players players with daily Bonus Spins and real cash prizes from a £217,500 raffle pool. Now that’s a lot of prizes. Then again, we’ve got a lot of cheer to spread.

Huddle closer as we explain what’s in store.

Pull our Daily Crackers for a Different Game Each Day

Sharing is caring, and a nice surprise is cause for a smile. So let’s share a cracker – and surprise you with what lies inside. To claim new Bonus Spins everyday, pull a Daily Cracker with PlayFrank after any deposit.

When the Cracker pops open with a jubilant, you’ll find either 50 Bonus Spins inside, 25 Super Spins or up to a 75% Bonus. A riddle will help you guess the game for which the Bonus Spins can be used (don’t worry – we’ll help you with the answer, too). Log-in to see today’s riddle and claim the cracker’s Bonus Spins!

Rafflin’ Through the Snow…

Our Crackers wouldn’t be Crackers if they didn’t contain a colourful crown. In this case, you’ll get a Raffle Crown. And whilst you can’t wear these type of crowns on your head, they do serve another great purpose. You see, each Raffle Crown represents one entry into our Festive PlayFrank Raffle.

What’s to Win in the Weekly Raffle?

Well, that depends on how imaginative you are. We could tell you that 15 lucky winners will receive £150-£2,500 in cashback by the 6th of January. But the real prize? That lies in what you would do with the cash reward. Escape the January blues in Hawaii? Go skydiving with your friends? There’s a world of possibilities in every raffle draw.

That still leaves nine other rewards swimming around this prize pool. An additional 400 Super Spins and £1,900 in bonus money, to be precise. Winners are drawn weekly, with the first draw on the 16th December. Remember, winning once doesn’t stop you from winning again – so start collecting your Raffle Crowns today!

Collect Raffle Crowns in 3 Different Ways

Collecting Raffle Crowns is easy. Each of the following activities will earn you a crown.

  1. Make a deposit of any amount. Once you’ve deposited, pull a Cracker to claim your 50 Bonus Spins and the Raffle Crown inside. There’s a new Cracker with a new game each day.
  2. Complete Daily Challenges. Completing the challenge awards you one Raffle Crown.
  3. Complete all 3 Daily Challenges. Completing all 3 challenges award you with one extra Raffle Crown.
  4. Level up in Tracks. For each new level you reach in Tracks, you’ll receive a Raffle Crown.

Each Raffle Crown counts as one entry into our Festive PlayFrank Raffle, and you can check how many Crowns you’ve collected by going to your dashboard. Log in daily for the latest Riddles and Daily Crackers.

NetEnt are Feeling Jolly Too

The gifts keep coming thanks to the official NetEnt Holiday Giveaway. We’re hosting this raffle too. Simply play one of the selected NetEnt slot games at PlayFrank and you’ll earn a Netent Crown. This will serve as your ticket into the Netent raffle, and marks your chance to win up to £5,000 from a £200,000 prize pool.

37 Days of Non-Stop Celebrations – Stay Updated!

Tis the season to be merry – and with the chance to win bonuses and big cash prizes every day until the 6th of January, we certainly hope we’ve given you, our players, a reason to feel merry. To stay updated on the latest winners and rewards, check PlayFrank everyday.

Ready to share a festive cracker with PlayFrank Casino UK?

Happy Holidays,

The PlayFrank Team

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