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Are you feeling lucky? How good is your raw intuition? If the answer to both the questions is an astounding ‘yes’, then you were probably born to play Deal or No Deal Live. Don’t worry! You don’t have to visit a TV studio to play the game. This is because Evolution Gaming, in partnership with Endemol Shine, has brought this hit TV show game right to your homes. All you need is a desktop or a mobile phone with an internet connection and you can play the live casino game 24x7 from anywhere you wish.

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Provider:Evolution Gaming
Bet Range:null - null
Max Win:£500,000

Read our review for the ultimate guide on how to play Deal or no Deal Live.

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Deal or no Deal Live Guide and Overview

  • An Evolution Gaming masterpiece.
  • Available to be played 24/7.
  • Based on the TV show of the same name.
  • £500,000 jackpot.

Deal or No Deal Live is a one-of-a-kind online casino game that offers the players repeatedchances to win a big money prize. How big? €500,000, to be precise! Apart from the spinning vaults and big briefcases full of cash, the live online version of the famous TV game show comes with an extra layer of excitement: the unique prize multipliers. This makes the live game even more interesting.

However, it’s worth noting that this is not the only interesting Live Game Show offered by Evolution Gaming. The provider is also behind another massively popular live game, Monopoly Live. The live casino game, based on the popular board game, is particularly sought-after in New Zealand.

We digress. This post is dedicated to Deal or No Deal Live. So, going back to our review, here is what the live casino game show has in store for you.

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Deal or No Deal Live Game Summary & Overview

  • Created by Evolution Gaming, Deal or No Deal Live is a live casino game based on the superhit TV game show by the same name.
  • This online casino game has two rounds. One RNG-based qualifier round and the second is the prize top-up round, where the host asks players the defining question of the game: “Deal or No Deal?”
  • If you’re looking for a simple casino game based on raw intuition and luck offering multiple chances at winning big, then Deal or No Deal Live won’t disappoint you.
  • The live casino game offers an RTP of 95.42%. The jackpot is a massive €500,000.
  • The minimum bet is a mere €0.10 per spin, while the maximum stakes can go up to {bonusAmount}.
  • You can play the online casino game right now as the game is available on both mobile and desktop through PlayFrank.

Deal or No Deal Glossary Index

How to play Deal or No Deal Live

Just like the TV show, the Deal or no Deal Live rules are pretty basic. It is a multi-layered game which begins with the player spinning a three-reel bank vault. This is a RNG-based qualifying round where each spin multiplies the amount of money in the biggest prize briefcase by 75x to 500x the amount of your bet. Each spin will cost you the selected bet amount. And the bigger you bet, the bigger will be the prize money multiplier for the briefcase.

three-reel bank vault in deal or no deal live

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When you qualify this round, just like the original show, you enter the prize top-up round. In the Live version too, the player is confronted with 16 sealed briefcases full of money. Each of these briefcases has varying amounts of cash. Of course, you have to make your choice from these 16 options. You can do this by simply clicking on one of the prize values listed down the left and right-hand sides of the game window. You can do this as many times as you like in the available time frame. Here, random multipliers between 5x to 50x will increase the prize money in the briefcases of your choice. Once you have made your picks, the famous “Banker” character appears on the screen and offers you a cash amount in exchange for what might be the prize money in your briefcase and the host asks the most important question of this casino game: “Deal Or No Deal?”

So, the objective of the game is very simple. You have to take the best guess on whether the money in the briefcase you selected has more moolah than the cash offer made by the Banker.

brief case deal or no deal

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Special Features of Deal or No Deal Live

As mentioned earlier, this game is fairly simple where everything depends on your luck, guesswork and how you answer the crucial question: “Deal Or No Deal?” However, you are asked that question four times. That is, the Banker makes four offers to you in total.

Deal or No Deal Live Opening Offer

First, out of the 16, three randomly selected briefcases are opened. The Banker then makes you the first ‘DEAL or NO DEAL’ offer. If you choose ‘DEAL’, then the money offered by the Banker is yours and it gets added to your balance. Simultaneously, you are offered the opportunity to return to the qualification round. If you choose ‘NO DEAL’, then the game continues. In case you do not make a decision within the stipulated time frame, your answer is automatically interpreted as ‘NO DEAL’.

Deal or No Deal Live Second and Third Offer

If you choose ‘NO DEAL’ the first time, four more randomly selected briefcases are opened. Again, the Banker makes the second ‘DEAL or NO DEAL’ offer and the game continues if you pick ‘NO DEAL’. The same routine repeats for the third offer as well.

Deal or No Deal Live Fourth opening and final offer

If you choose not to make a deal even after the third offer, three more randomly selected briefcases are opened. This leaves only two more briefcases unopened: the one you picked and one other remaining briefcase.

The Banker then makes a final offer with three options: ‘DEAL’, ‘NO DEAL’ or SWITCH BRIEFCASES’. Meaning, you can choose ‘DEAL’ and collect the winnings or choose ‘NO DEAL’ to keep the briefcase you had selected. The third option is to ‘SWITCH BRIEFCASES’ if you think that the other briefcase, the one that you did not select, has a higher amount than what is in your hand.

Once you have made your decision, the remaining two briefcases are also opened and you win the money based on your final pick.

Win big at Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or No Deal Live RTP hovers at 95.42%. However, don’t get disheartened. Although the game show a Return-To-Player (RTP) percentage on the lower side of the scale, the maximum payout is a massive €500,000. Also, the game gives you multiple chances to win big. The minimum bet is a mere €0.10 which can be raised up to {bonusAmount}. The key thing to remember here is that your bet amounts also decide the size of your winnings. That is, the bigger the bet, the higher the chances of a big win.

win big at deal or no deal live

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Best strategy to play Deal or no Deal Live

As you already know, the bigger your bet, the bigger the value in the briefcases get. However, the game has a mediocre RTP of 95.42%. So, choose a wagering amount carefully. Remember, at the end of the day, there is no tested Deal or No Deal Live strategy or cheats. All the numbers are random, including the prize money in the briefcases. There is no known pattern there either. Winning the game show, whether on TV or in its online casino avatar, depends purely on your luck and intuitive decisions.

Can I play Deal or No Deal Live on Mobile?

Evolution Gaming is known for its smooth mobile gaming experience and Deal or No Deal Live is no exception. This online casino game can be enjoyed on all types of small screens, that is, both tablets and smartphones, using a WiFi or mobile data connection.

The software provider has developed Deal or No Deal Live in HTML5, specifically for each device. Meaning, the user interface quickly adapts to each of these hand-held devices’ capabilities. As the game’s live video feed plays in high quality, using built-in native video support, you get a fully immversive gaming experience no matter which device you are playing on.

Will Deal or no Deal Live be your next favourite game?

If you love the original game show or any kind of game shows with cash prizes, you will absolutely love the live casino version of this famous TV show. However, Deal or no Deal Live is not just restricted for game show loving players. The live casino version is so simple and intuitive that anyone can play. After all, all you have to do is choose whether you want to make a ‘DEAL’ or pick ‘NO DEAL’. And you stand a chance to walk away with a briefcase filled with €500,000 cash!

Start playing Deal or No Deal Live!

Want to try how far your guesswork and luck can take you? Look no further! Our Online Casino has Evolution’s Deal or No Deal Live available for all its New Zealand players. This means you can play the game show 24x7 now for real money. All you have to do is complete a simple registration process that takes less than a few minutes. Ready to make a 'DEAL'?

Deal or No Deal FAQs

How do you play deal or no deal live?

Deal or No Deal live is a unique live casino game that allows an unlimited numer of online players to play and win the top prizes. The game is played in two segments. First, players spin a bak vault wheel which sets the amount of money in the biggest prize briefcase between 75x-500x. The second segemnt consists of waiting for the briefcases to be opened and either rejecting or accepting an offer made by the banker.

Can you play deal or no deal live online for real money?

Deal or No Deal live can be played for real money online. You can play Deal or No Deal at PlayFrank Casino through a standard internet browser without having to download any software onto your computer. You can also play via your mobile device browser with no downloads needed!

What is the maximum you can win on Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live allows you to win up to 500x your original bet. The maximum bet on Deal or No Deal live is £900, this means you can win up to £450,000.

Which company developed Deal or No Deal Live?

Deal or No Deal Live was created by Evolution, the biggest developer of live casino games in the world.

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