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Provider:Evolution Gaming
Bet Range:£2 - £10,000
Max Win:500x
Bonus Features: Lightning Numbers Round

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Lightning Roulette Guide and Overview

  • Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming allows you to enjoy the beautiful and historic game of roulette as if you were in a real casino.
  • This game played is European Roulette, evident from the wheel used.
  • The max win is set at £100,000 - fancy winning that on a single spin!
  • Lightning Roulette RTP is 81,08% because of the big bets allowed
  • There’s a huge bet-range between £1 and £2,000
  • Graphics have black and gold details and are decorated with lightning bolts

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Lightning Roulette Glossary Index

Why play Lightning Roulette?

Lightning Roulette is a fun game for any type of player who enjoys a good live casino experience. It has a unique take on the very famous game of roulette, where certain numbers have the potential to pay out more than in the standard game. Lightning Roulette is also live casino game where lightning bolts add to the excitement, and where a nearly unlimited amount of players can place their bets at the same time.

How to play Lightning Roulette?

The Lightning Roulette rules are, in the most fundamental ways, identical to those of other live roulette games. Players must place their bets and guess where the ball will land when the roulette wheel ceases to spin. Players can bet on either a group of numbers or a single one. Since it’s a live roulette game, there are no pay lines. Players are able to place several bets at the same time. The reason Lightning Roulette is different from regular roulette is because of its Lucky Number special feature.

How to play Lightning Roulette

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There are many different types of bets you can place. The most well-known ones are the bets on either black or red, which gives you a nearly 50-50 chance of winning (although the green 0 gives the house an edge with this bet). Other bets are on the first 12 numbers, the three adjacent numbers in the table or on evens or odds. If you’re familiar with the rules of roulette, you’ll know that bets that give you a higher chance of winning (like 50%) worth less than bets where the odds are against you. Bolder bets result in a lot more cash if you do win.

Unique to this game is the fact that certain numbers contain the possibility of triggering a win that’s extra big. These numbers will pay out up to 500 times more than they would ordinarily do.

Lightning Roulette Bonuses and Special Features

Since this is live Roulette, there are no traditional bonus features to be found. However, the extra pay-outs can be seen as some kind of bonuses, since they have the potential of paying out extra money.

While this feature isn’t activated in the same way as in most slots, it still gives the game an extra edge and pinch of excitement.

How to win at Lightning Roulette?

Winning in Lightning Roulette is just as simple – or difficult – as in any other type of live Roulette. What’s important to remember is that you generally need to have a Roulette strategy in place before starting. This helps you keep track of your bank roll and make difficult decisions. Click here to learn about Roulette Tips.

How to win Lightning Roulette

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The Lucky Numbers in Lightning Roulette, which are the ones that pay out more, are decided once everyone has placed their bets. You can only win them by placing a straight-up bet, which is a bet on a single number. When the numbers are generated, everyone knows what they should be hoping for. The amount which a certain number will reward any lucky player with will also be known to everyone. Since you’ve already placed your bets however, there are no ways of making sure you’re betting on a Lucky Number beforehand.

Every round, there will be between one and five Lucky Numbers selected. These will have a multiplier of either 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 times the win.

Best Lightning Roulette Strategy

Roulette is a game of chance, and although there are some styles of playing that could potentially increase your chances of winning - none are a guarantee. One suggested strategy for Lightning Roulette involves placing a €1 bet on every straight up number. This would mean you’re betting a total of €37, and since the worst you will win on this spin is €30, you will only see a loss off €7. This is a small risk considering that the best you could win on this same spin is €501 (if you hit a 500x multiplier).

Zoom Live Lightning Roulette

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So how often do these multipliers hit? This is the tricky part - there’s no real way of knowing so you can only rely on what the last 500 spins suggest in terms of the multiplier’s frequency. You can view the last 500 spins when you access the wheel’s stats. Here you can see how often the multiplier hits in every 500 spins. Let’s say there’s one multiplier hit for every 30 spins. Multiply 30 spins by the €7 you could potentially lose on each spin, and you’ll know how much you’ll need, on average, to gamble before hitting a win. In this theoretical instance the amount would be €210. Since multipliers are random and don’t follow a strict pattern, you may find you have to apply this strategy for more than 200 spins before you see a profit.

Is it possible to play Lightning Roulette on mobile?

The Lightning Roulette live game is just as easily accessible by phone or tablet as it is from a desktop. You’ll be able to place the exact same bets as everyone else even when using a smaller screen. The only difference is the layout, which is of course refitted to better suit a touch screen.

Can you play Lightning Roulette for free?

Lightning Roulette is not a game you can try for free, as is the case with most live casino games. Since everyone is playing in real-time, using fake money isn’t possible. If you want to try this version of live roulette before really betting on it, you can always put the smallest possible bets down for every round. Alternatively, play one of the non-live variants of roulette available through PlayFrank online casino. Discover Double Bonus Spin Roulette from IGT or European Roulette from NetEnt, plus many others which allow you to practise for free.

How to play Lightning Roulette for real money?

Lightning Roulette is an exciting game where lightning strikes over and over, and where extra prizes can rain down at any point. It only makes sense that you’ll need to bet real money to be able to fully appreciate the excitement it offers.

You can choose between putting down only a very small bet or taking the high-roller road with bets of up to €2,000 per round. However we wouldn’t recommend those gigantic bets for any newcomers to the game. Be sure to bet based on your budget and knowledge of the game. Win real cash in Lightning Roulette by entering the glamorous live casino game today!

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