Halloween Themed Filter – Let’s get Spooky!

Halloween Themed Filter – Let’s get Spooky!

When you think about Halloween, you think of vampires and werewolves walking the streets – but with PlayFrank this year, you won’t have to leave the house to get that spooky vibe! You can experience Halloween season simply by playing Halloween Themed Games at PlayFrank Online Casino!

With over 2600 games on site we have added a fancy new filter to help you discover more games even faster and thought what better way to sort them than into themes?

We just added the Halloween filter, with all the spookified games in it! You like some spookiness – we give you some.

Selecting the Halloween theme is where the sorcery, witchery and thrilling slots are stored and where you will find titles such as Immortal Romance, Halloween, Halloween Jack, Dead or Alive and Dead or Alive II or Witchcraft Academy.

You can select more than one theme at a time if you are feeling adventurous and prefer to switch it up a bit and all games for the selected themes will be shown and ready to be launched. Choose Franklix or Animals to complete your favourite game list!

This handy little function can be found via the filter icon and is located on the right-hand side of the search bar. Can’t find it? It looks like an ice cream cone. So take a look and get a sneak peak of the great themed filter we’ve prepared!

We will be adding more variations of themes soon so keep your eye out in order to access more of  favourite games – faster. Also keep an eye on our special Halloween promotion, trick-or-treat?

Let’s get spooky and have some fun!