Cleopatra Slots Online Review

Few historic leaders have left as impressive legacy as the iconic Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Besides practising great diplomacy in ruling the Egyptian empire, Cleopatra was well-versed in medicine, languages and navy commandeering. But the queen is remembered as much for her prestigious reign as she is for her sensual beauty and love triangle with two extremely powerful men. Cleopatra’s life remains a source of fascination to this day, and is frequently revisited in modern media - such as through this beloved game from IGT, Cleopatra Slots

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Bet Range:£0.20 - £600
Max Win:£1,000,000
Bonus Features: Free Spins,

Cleopatra Slots Online Review

Read our review for the ultimate guide on how to play Cleopatra and its sequels.

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Cleopatra Slots Game Summary & Overview

  • The 5x3-reel and 20-payline slot has a low to mid variance with a RTP of 95.7%
  • IGT created another two Cleopatra slots following the original game's success. The follow-up slots are called Cleopatra II and Cleopatra Plus. (Read on for more details on these games!)
  • Cleopatra is one of the most famous IGT Slots, and before it was introduced to online casinos it could be played as a slot machine at land-based establishments.
  • The game is considered a ‘classic slot’ and is so popular you’ll even see Cleopatra slot machines for sale online.


Cleopatra Slots Glossary Index

Why play Cleopatra slot games?

Fans of Classic Slots will appreciate the simplicity of Cleopatra; an IGT title with straightforward gameplay and a timeless visual design. You will no doubt have spotted a Cleopatra slot machine if you’ve ever been to a land-based casino, but its online slot counterpart is equally popular thanks to how well the gameplay experience has been adapted for a smaller screen.

The mysterious lilac backdrop brings to mind the desert sky, whilst colourful, Egyptian symbols fill the reels. Ancient Egypt is a common design theme for slots, but few slot games have impressed players as much as the original Cleopatra. Its low to mid variance wins, alluring aesthetics and encouraging female voice has proven a beloved combination for lovers of classic casino games.

Cleopatra Slot Machine

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How to play the original Cleopatra slot game

Cleopatra is a fantastic online slot for beginners - the game is easy to learn and wins are fairly frequent in comparison to other games of similar variance. Its reels feature Egyptian symbols such as the Eye of Ra, Crook and Flail, Cartouche, Lotus and Scarab. A sphinx functions as the Scatter symbol and a bonus round is activated when three or more of the sphinx appear. This bonus round will allow you to play 15 free spins, with the value of any wins tripled during this round. Read on to learn more about the Cleopatra slots bonuses for each game in the series.

How to play the original Cleopatra Slot

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How to play Cleopatra II Slot?

The Cleopatra slots sequel is modelled closely after the original slot but has some notable upgrades. Some players prefer the enhanced graphics and different payout structure, though your chances of winning are more or less the same in both slots. The Gods Anubis, Horus and Bastet make up the main symbols and are of equal value, whilst the Cleopatra Wild symbol combined with any of those symbols will offer the biggest possible win.


Just like in the original slot, the appearance of three or more sphinxes will activate a bonus round. Bonus rounds award you between 8 and 15 free spins, and with each free spin the multiplier increases. Your third free spin will multiply your bet by 3, your seventh spin by 7, and so forth. In other words, each spin is more exciting than the last! Since Cleopatra II allows for a ‘retrigger’ bonus, you could potentially double your free spins. Let’s say you’re awarded eleven free spins and three sphinxes appear whilst you play them. This will award you additional free spins which match your original number of awarded free spins and get added to your remaining spins.  

How to play Cleopatra 2 slot?

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How to play Cleopatra PLUS slot?

A medium variance addition to the slot series was introduced in 2016 and called Cleopatra Plus. What makes this rendition different? As the name would suggest, Cleopatra PLUS introduces several extra features such as the ability to customize your own gameplay. For example, you can choose your own bonuses by levelling up, and pick a lucky mascot to have featured on the reels. Cleopatra PLUS is by far the best version of the casino slot for those who like to vary their gameplay.

How to play Cleopatra PLUS slot?

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How to win at Cleopatra slots?

Psst....want some advice on how to beat Cleopatra slot machines or their Online Slots variant? We’re sorry to disappoint, but we only have one piece of strategy advice; play lucky! This classic slot is based on a randomized winning system which means there’s no way you can predict exactly how and when you’ll win. ‘Chance’ is the name of the game. Well, the name of the game is actually ‘Cleopatra’, but you get the point. Each slot game will show you a paytable and you can estimate your odds based on an RTP of between 94-96% for each Cleopatra slots game.

5 scatters on cleopatra slot

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Play the Cleopatra slot on mobile

You don’t need to download a Cleopatra app if you want to give this game a go on mobile - the slot is available directly through PlayFrank’s Mobile Casino! Play Cleopatra slots, or any of the 1,000+ available through PlayFrank, anytime you like! You’ll be pleased to hear that every slot game in IGT’s Cleopatra series can be enjoyed both on desktop and mobile devices.

Can you play Cleopatra Slots for free?

Slots can be great fun even when you’re not winning real money. If you’d like to play Cleopatra slots for free then you can do so right here at PlayFrank, where we offer the ‘no deposit’ free play mode of the famous casino game. This way, you can get a feel for IGT’s globally recognised Cleopatra slots before deciding whether the classic Egyptian slot is right for you.

Please note that the players in the South Africa are no longer allowed to play Cleopatra Slots in the demo free-play mode unless they register. Thankfully, signing up takes only a few minutes. And once you register, you will be able to enjoy all the games for free.

Play Cleopatra slots for real money

Playing for free is a great way to try new slots without commitment, but there’s no doubt the ultimate thrill is in seeing a reel combination come to life with celebratory animation as you win a real cash prize. When you’re ready to try Cleopatra for real money, sign up at and enjoy 100% bonus and 50 bonus spins with your first deposit!

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