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Tracks, Levels, Rewards

Why did we think this was a good idea?

We always thought that diversity is key to an amazing environment: it provides ideas and opportunities like anything else. And among all the things, people are the most diver: some are tall, some are short, some are left handed, some are right handed, some like a set of well done steak for dinner, some enjoy a light salad...some like to gamble for short amounts of time, while others prefer a more extensive session on a sunday afternoon. Some enjoy the playtime of free spins while others are attracted to the options presented by a solid deposit bonus.

Choice is a wonderful thing that comes from this diversity and we wanted the ability to let you, the player, choose how you spend your time even more than we did in the past. You made a (great!) choice by coming to play with us at Playfrank, you make a choice every day which games to play and how much you spend in each game; and now, you can have a choice in what rewards you receive. This is only the first step, but an important one nonetheless. We have many more plans in the works to bring even more choice and fun to Playfrank, but for now, let’s see what we have!

Show me the ...choices!

Rewards? Bonuses, Free Spins, Cash!

Rewards! Everybody likes getting a good reward and we’re not excluded. However don’t you hate it when your favorite clothes shop sends you a socks promotion when you only bought shirts from them? No store, I don’t care about your blue striped pink socks! No, not even with a 50% discount!

With that out of the way, we can honestly say we know how you feel which is why outside the Base Track, the additional ones will focus on a specific aspect of gameplay and offer you rewards which cater more to your specific expectations.

More than that, we wanted to have a system of predictable rewards. No more “hoping” that there will be a promotion next week when you want to play, no more “we only available to VIP players at the moment”, you know exactly when you’ll get your next reward in advance, just by following the track information. And we made sure to include both one time AND recurrent rewards, because you deserve them.


Choice! We know that every one of you is unique: you like different games, play on different schedules or expect different bonuses. The track system is a first step in helping us help you get the best from your time at Playfrank. The tracks are a collection of levels with corresponding rewards which cater more to a preferred play-style or a certain event.

For example the Spins Track will offer you benefits related to free spins: more free-spins and on more diverse games while a Bonus Track will work by making available a collection of deposit bonuses and enhancing the ones you currently have. Event related tracks will be time limited tracks which will provide benefits exclusive to a certain period.

Everyone will start gaining experience levels in the Base Track, however shortly after gaining a few levels, more option will be open to you in order to customize your experience.

Level up for extra Rewards

Progress! This one is going to be easy: the more you play the more experience accumulates in your account. You’re getting better! After acquiring certain amounts of these experience points the system will also recognize your increased commitment and that is when you will achieve a new level. And with each level come great rewards: free spins bonuses and extra things that you’ll be able to discover the more you play!

Gaming should be fun and fun should last, so the leveling system is based around how much you wager and not how much you deposit. We’re interested in you having a great experience with us, so if you had a great time you certainly deserve your reward!

We listen to YOU

Is this system perfect? We feel it is certainly a step in the right direction as a way to provide you, as a player, with a better experience. On the other hand we know there is always room for improvement, which is why we ask you to help us make it more to your liking! Please send us any comments and suggestions at, we’re always looking forward to listening what you think.

Daily Challenges

Finally, make sure you check our article on our other important feature on this update: DAILY CHALLENGES!