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Granny Prix Scratch Card Review

The Granny Prix scratch card game was released almost exactly five years ago, and since then has become one of the most beloved Microgaming games to be found at any online casino. Most of Micrograming’s releases come in the form online slots, but Granny Prix differs. This is scratch card game, similar to those you can buy in newsagents or on the high street. The main difference, of course, is that Granny Prix is so much more interactive and twice the fun for being online. So let’s find out what happens when you cross a karting track, speed-addicted grannies and a Microgaming casino game.

Granny Prix Scratchcard by Mircogaming

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Granny Prix Overview & Summary

  • Granny Prix operates on a 3x3 grid.
  • You can play for between £0,50 and £10 a game.
  • The smallest stake is £0,50, then £1, then £2 and after that it keeps going up by one pound at a time, up to £10. In other words, there are 11 bet levels to choose from.
  • The game has an RTP (return to player) of 95%, making it a game with average pay-outs compared to other scratch cards.
  • The maximum payout is £25,000, which is secured by getting the three orange grannies when playing for the maximum stake of £10.

Granny Prix Glossary Index

Why play Granny Prix

If we need to explain why playing a scratch card game featuring pensioners speeding across a karting track is fantastically fun...well, maybe this isn’t the game for you. But even beyond the humour element, there’s a lot to like about Granny Prix. You’ll rarely find a simpler game to play and with a big top prize on offer, this is as much about a potentially big pay-out as it is about just having a laugh with a classic game. Bets are relatively small in comparison to other online casino games, yet with a RTP of 95% and max payout of £25,000 - this is a really appropriate games for those who like to get a lot of excitement out of smaller bets.

How to play Granny Prix?

As a player of Granny Prix you literally just have two straight-forward tasks. The first is to decide on your stake for the next game which, as mentioned, can be anything between £0.50 and £10. The second task is simply to hit the ‘Reveal All’ button to see which Grannies will appear on the grid. It really is that simple.

Revealing three Grannies of the same colour isn’t exclusively about winning money. It also leads to the sight of watching them race around the track with a slightly deranged expression on their faces and each one does something a little different as they’re racing. That could be anything from spitting out their false teeth to dropping their knitting ball as they race. Fortunately, this game’s entertainment factor is present regardless of whether you win any cash prize or not.

How to play Granny Prix

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Granny Prix Bonuses

Since Granny Prix is a scratch card game and includes different functionalities than video slots, the game obviously has a very different structure in terms of what happens during a round.

Revealing which characters/symbols are behind the squares is as complex as it gets, meaning there are no free spins or bonus rounds to see here.

What is important however is the pay-ut structure. Getting any three Grannies of the same colour on the grid guarantees you a prize.

This is what you can win:

  • 3x Red Granny – 2x your stake.
  • 3x Green Granny – 3x your stake.
  • 3x Blue Granny – 5x your stake.
  • 3x Purple Granny – 12x your stake.
  • 3x Yellow Granny – 100x your stake.
  • 3x Orange Granny – 2500x your stake.

How to win at Granny Prix?

With the possible exception of changing your stake and maybe increasing it after a lean run, this isn’t really the sort of game where tactics and strategy come into play. For this reason, Granny Prix is more popular for its simplicity and its theme than it is for anything else.

How to wint at Granny Prix

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After studying the win combinations as seen in the table above, it’s simply a case of hitting that ‘Reveal All’ button and hoping for the best. Admittedly, the three Orange Grannies are a very rare sight (as you’d expect) but getting three yellow ones and winning 100x your stake happens often enough. When you’re come upon their lucky appearance, you’ll get a big boost to your bank.

Play Granny Prix on mobile

Want to give this online scratch card a go on mobile? No problem - play Granny Prix on smartphones or tablets through PlayFrank Mobile Casino. For all we know, your life might be as hectic and fast-paced of that of these eager Grannies racing across your screen. That’s why we offer this Microgaming scratch card, along with thousands of other video slots and casino games, are available to play as mobile games on-the-go, any time of the day. Take the fun of Granny Prix with you wherever you go - on the bus, in line at the post office, or during a lunch break.

Can you play Granny Prix in demo mode?

Scratch cards really aren’t that difficult to get your head around, and with Granny Prix you can bet as low as £0.50. That being said, it’s never a bad idea to try out a new casino game for free before betting real money. This way you can experience the fun first-hand and without commitment - no need to take our word for it! You can play Granny Prix for free at PlayFrank Casino once you created your account. 

Play Granny Prix for real money

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