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New players only. Min deposit $20. Bonuses up to a max of $300 + 200 bonus spins. Wagering bonus 35x. Wagering bonus spins 35x. The winnings must be wagered within 21 days. Bonus T&C apply.

Play Live Super Sic Bo at PlayFrank Live Casino

Tired of the local games? The same old rules, the same old names! Then you should check out Super Sic Bo Live. How about we take you to a land far-far in the east, roll a new dice with exciting new possibilities? We are talking about the ancient Chinese dice game called Sic Bo, or, as Evolution Gaming likes to call its latest Live Casino version; Super Sic Bo.

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Super Sic Bo is a simple game of chance played with three dice. For the sake of some familiarity, games such as Grand Hazard and chuck-a-luck are British variants of this age-old game. In its new online casino avatar, this has been made extra exciting by giving the players an opportunity to win up to 1000x their bet. In this Live version, the basic premise of the game remains the same. That is, you have to guess the outcome of a three-dice roll. What makes Sic Bo stand out in comparison to other dice games is that in this game there are all sorts of numbers, premonition and combinations to choose from. With Random Multipliers that help you win astronomical prize money of €5,000,000, Evolution Gaming has added extra layers of thrill to this game. 

Released in May 2019, Super Sic Bo is far Evolution Gaming’s first Live Casino Game Show. The provider has been actively adding many exciting titles to its list of such games like Monopoly Live, Lightning Dice, Deal or No Deal Live and Lightning Roulette. These online games are particularly sought-after at New Zealand Live Casinos. However, in this guide, we will be looking exclusively at Super Sic Bo. We’ll digress no longer, and get back to the review of the exciting live casino game show you came to read about! 

Deal or No Deal Live Game Summary & Overview

  • Launched by Evolution Gaming in May 2019, Super Sic Bo is a live casino game based on an ancient Chinese dice game by the same name.  
  • This is a simple game where three dice are rolled and the players have to guess the outcomes.
  • If you’re looking for a simple casino game based on raw intuition and luck chances at royal wins, then this Live Game Show won’t disappoint you.
  • The live casino game offers an RTP of 96.58%. The jackpot is a massive €5,000,000.
  • The minimum bet is a mere €0.10 per roll, while the maximum stakes can go up to a towering €5,000. 
  • You can play the online casino game right now as the game is available on both mobile and desktop through PlayFrank Casino.

Super Sic Bo Glossary Index

How to play Super Sic Bo?

Literally, Sic Bo translates to big or small. Although the game originated in China, it is quite popular in other Asian countries as well, where it goes by different names like ‘tai sai’, ‘dai siu’ or ‘hi-lo’. Call it by whatever name you like, this is a  neat, super exciting, yet super easy game to play that will be loved by both old and new players alike. 

Super Sic Bo Review

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As we said, the Super Sic Bo rules are simple. In this game, you just have to place your bet on one or more result combinations shown on the game’s betting table to predict the outcome of the shake of the three dice. If the result of the dice shake matches your bet, you win! Yes, it is that simple. However, there is one more layer to add to the thrill, the Random Multipliers that will help you win the top prize of  €5,000,000. If you are ready to roll, the betting starts from a mere €0.10 per roll going up to a maximum wager of €5,000. 

How to play Super Sic Bo?

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What makes Super Sic Bo unique?

As we mentioned before, although simple, Sic Bo isn’t a vanilla game of dice as there are so many ways to bet in this ancient casino game. You can choose different types of bets from the Sic Bo table, and each type of bet has its own payout and your bet is returned on top of your winnings. Here are the different bets you can play on this Live game:

Big or Small Bet

The first type of bet is based on the name of the game where you have to place the bet on whether the total of the three-dice roll will be ‘Big’, that is, add up to a number between 11 and 17, or, Small, where the total should be anything between 4 to 10. 

Odd or Even Bet

Here you place your bet on whether the total of the three dice’s outcome will be an even number or an odd number.

Total Bet

This one is the easiest to understand and probably the toughest to guess. Here you simply pick a number between 4 to 17, which you think will be the total of the three dice roll. The payouts on this bet vary depending on the winning total.

Singles Bet

Here you bet on the six numbered faces of the dice. That is, you pick from 1,2,3,4, 5 or 6 - a number you think will show up when the dice stop rolling. If 1 of 3 dice shows the number you bet on, you win your betting amount back. If two dice show your number, you get double your bet. And if all three dice show your number, you get 3x your betting amount. 

Doubles Bet

Here you pick your bet from any of the six double-labelled betting areas on the Sic Bo table. To win this bet 2 of the 3 dice must show your picked number. If you win, you get 8x your wager.

Triple Bet

Pick your bet number from any of the six triple-labelled betting areas on the table. To win, all the 3 dice must match your chosen number. The is a tough bet and hence you get 150x if you win! There is another kind of ‘Triple Bet’ that you can choose on the Sic Bo table. It is called “Any Triple”, meaning, you are placing your bet on all six numbers at the same time. So, if all the three dice show any of the 1 to 6 numbers together, you win 30x your bet amount.

Combination Bet

In this, you place your bet on any or all the 15 possible 2 dice combinations. If you win, you get 5x your wager.

Win big in Super Sic Bo 

The maximum payout in this game is a humongous €5,000,000 and you can start rolling of the dice for a mere €0.10. Since the Super Sic Bo RTP is a decent 96.58%, the possibilities are immense if you manage your money well and bet wisely. Also, keep an eye on the Random Multiplier bets section. As, if you pick a number labelled with a Multiplier and you win, your prize money increases many folds immediately. 

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Best strategy to play Super Sic Bo

To help you in taking a more educated guess, Evolution Gaming has a Winning Numbers display that constantly shows the most recent outcomes along with statistics like percentage of small or big outcomes, even and odd outcomes, number of Triples and so on. This might help you guesstimate the next outcome better. Another Super Sic Bo strategy will be to choose your betting levels conservatively as the game has a fixed RTP. Meaning, the return-to-players stays the same no matter how big or small your bet is. 

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Play Super Sic Bo on Mobile

Evolution Gaming is known for its smooth mobile gaming experience and Super Sic Bo is no exception. The software provider has developed the Live game in HTML5, specifically for each device. So, this mobile casino game can be enjoyed on all types of small screens, that is, both tablets and smartphones, using a WiFi or mobile data connection. Moreover, the Game Show is also available on PlayFrank Live Mobile Casino.

Will Super Sic Bo be your next favourite game?

It is quite clear now that this Live Game isn’t just another dice game. There are quite a few betting permutations and combinations you can choose from. Moreover, the Random Multipliers are applied up to 1000x are applied on several bet spots in every game round. This occurs right before the dice are rolled, taking the excitement levels to a new high.

So, if you are looking for an online casino game that requires some strategy Super Sic Bo is a good fit. This Live Casino game isn’t as hard as a table game of say poker, however, it isn’t as simple as online slots either. It is definitely not slow paced or boring and packs in all the elements of game shows. The icing on the cake is the grand prize of €5,000,000. 

Start playing Super Sic Bo for Real

Want to try how far your guesswork and luck can take you? Look no further! PlayFrank Online Casino has Evolution’s Super Sic Bo available for all PlayFrank online casino players. This means you can play the game show 24x7 now for real money. All you have to do is complete a simple registration process that takes less than a few minutes. Ready to make a bet?

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